Automated radio programmes

Our employees have more than 13 years of experience with online music programmes broadcasting and music playlists compilation

We have been broadcasting music since 2003. During this period we have implemented a variety of non-standard projects (radio shows, online radio projects, live streaming online etc.) and gained lots of experience in this field. Everyday interest in musical novelties allows us to offer carefully compiled music playlists.

Simplicity itself

In order to listen to the music broadcasts online you do not have to own expensive players or additional equipment. You only need a computer with minimum parameters (it can be a tablet or a smart phone as well) and at least a minimum internet connection (the webcast works fine even with 3G mobile internet). Then all you have to do is to use an internet browser, connect to our broadcasting system and enjoy the music!

Ample opportunities

We offer standardized and individual music broadcasting services. You can choose a pre-compiled music playlist and use the services for a minimum price. If you are looking for something unique, we can offer a personal service and compile a unique music playlist, adjusted to your activities and target audience. You could also broadcast your own audio ads between musical pieces, broadcast different music styles at a different time of the day and use other exclusive options.

84% of customers claim that they like shops that play music. 23% of them are ready to spend 5% more if the music is being played. A proper atmosphere within a shop may justify slightly higher prices;

60% of respondents would spend more time in shops if they played the music they like;

90% claim that good music significantly improves the image of a shop. 90% of them say that they would prefer a shop where music is played;

77% claim that music is an important factor that allows to create a perfect atmosphere in a shop;

61% of salespersons agree that music at work increased employee productivity;

76% of surveyed businessmen are convinced that by playing music at their shops they have a positive impact on consumer behavior.

We value your precious time, therefore we do not offer you to compile a music playlist from a ton of pieces by yourself. Leave it to music editors that know their job. All you have to do is to connect to our system and enjoy the music. We will do the rest for you!