Use „Google AdWords“ to the fullest

Our experts will help you to configure the ads in a way that your promotional campaign will achieve maximum results

Present your ad to potential clients in the best place at the best time – at the exact moment they are looking for your goods or services via Google search. Opening the ads will not cost you anything. Pay for clicks and real visits to your website only.

„Google AdWords“ shows how many people notice ads and what percentage of them actually click on ads to visit your website. By using monitoring tools, you can see factual website sales numbers that are generated directly from ads.

Reach your clients via any device

People start using internet on a variety of devices at an increasing rate, therefore it is very important to utilize all opportunities and reach the potential consumer at the best time. Do not fall behind the current trends, take care of your company’s AdWords advertisement not only on computers, but also on mobile devices.

To save you time we will also send you a monthly summary with key statistics and numbers.

Certified "Google AdWords" experts

Our employees are certified "Google AdWords" experts that have finished special training and passed Google company exams. We constantly follow "Google AdWords" news and look for ways to achieve maximum promotional campaign effectiveness for a minimum price.

You can start with a tiny budget

In order to start using Google AdWords advertising system you do not have to have a huge budget. The ads are shown only to the target audience and opening them is free of charge. You pay only for real clicks and visits to your website. A very versatile system allows to point out a narrow potential customer that meets the requirements perfectly and to whom the ads will be shown.

Attract more clients

Attraction of new website users, sales promotion, popularity increase – these are but a few key areas in which Google AdWords system can help if used properly. With your Google AdWords account you will be able to check on the efficiency of your ads at any time.

Advertise in Lithuania or the whole world

You can present your ads to clients in specific countries, regions, cities or even within a desired distance from your company or shop’s physical location. You can create different ads for different demographic groups according to their needs and specifics. Utilize all advantages of online marketing!