Get to know your website’s users

Keeping track of consumer behavior may help to create a better experience for your potential clients.

We help to understand and assess your website‘s users flows and consumer behavior. We create and analyze attendance reports. We help to find out how many people visit your website, where they come from, what their main interests are.

One of the best products created by Google is Google Analytics (GA). With a start in the end of 2005 and a significant update in 2011, this tool is currently the most popular in the world – 56% of companies use it as the only instrument of website analysis.

It is worth noting that the mere knowledge about the number of people visiting your website does not give much benefit. The data collected by Google Analytics in the right hands might help to come up with extremely valuable insights that come in handy when designing or correcting business strategies.

Thorough analysis requires a wide array of knowledge, experience and insight. Save your time and receive professional insights that will help you to successfully develop your business!

We can keep track of your website’s users flows – where they come from, from what country or city, which parts of a website are visited the most, how much time they spend browsing etc.

Real-time reports

Real-time reports can provide you with information on whether the new website’s content receives more popularity and interest, whether the current promotional campaign increases the number of visits, whether the communication on social media attracts more visitors to your website etc.

We distinguish and analyze user segments

By using custom variables we help to understand client segments more easily and find out information about their website preferences, on what parts they spend the most time etc. When applying Google Analtics, we filter custom variables and pick the consumer data that is the most significant to the company.

Custom reports

You do not have to analyze a huge load of data. According to your preferences, we will systematize monitoring results and provide a summary report with key information. You will save time and quickly receive answers to the questions of your interest!

Understanding and promoting consumer behavior

By using the data collected and systematized during monitoring and knowing the peculiarities of your website’s consumer behavior, you can optimize a website’s content and element placement in a way that corresponds with your potential clients’ needs. Better user experience when browsing a website increases consumer loyalty!

Benefits for your business

  • Setting the right goals for online business
  • Professional application of analytic tools, management and maintenance
  • Insights in business development online, consultations and practical advice

Get to know your clients

  • How your potential clients browse your website and what they look for
  • When and why they decide to make a purchase
  • What sources of users flows bring most clients
  • At which stage the users cancel the purchase process
  • Which part of the website interests your users the most
  • Which country or city has the biggest number of potential clients