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The main purpose of SEO optimization is to grant top positions on search engines. In order to perform a high-quality SEO optimization, a wide array of knowledge and skills is required. It is a long and responsible process which in turn is very effective and quickly rewarding.

SEM and SEO, social spread, position monitoring

From the very beginning of SEO optimization process, we keep the track of changes of a website’s position in search results. In competitive niches keeping track of keyword positions is very important. Late response to competitors’ actions, changes of algorithm in search engines etc. may cause losing the already achieved SEO positions in no time. It is possible to secure the achieved leading position only by keeping an eye on changes in positions of certain keywords and competitors’ actions. It should be noted that SEO optimization is not only a technical, but also a creative work, closely connected to marketing.

Keep in mind that the attention first of all should be paid to a website’s visitor, not search robots. Appropriate, high-quality and authoritative content attracts new visitors. Our suggested SEO solutions is an effective and long-term way to gain a website’s popularity.

Website optimization for search engines is a lot cheaper than online advertising. The key objective of “Intellmedia Solutions” is to increase the profitability of your business. We always do our best to give you maximum satisfaction with the achieved results.

96% of all internet users in Lithuania use “Google” search engine

90% of them are satisfied with the results from the first search results page

Online market studies

We identify specific, niche search phrases and, after picking out the main keywords, we study their competitiveness. Based on a project’s segment we determine and assess the influence of competitors’ websites.

Website internal SEO optimization

We correct errors in the source code. Based on the online market study and a website’s structure, designed during the SEO audit, we come up with and spread the content that meets the needs of the target audience. A website is prepared for monitoring and analysis.

SEO audit of an existing website

We analyze the structure of an existing website, content presentation logic and HTML code. We point out weaknesses that do not meet desired SEO standards and offer possible solutions for both internal and external SEO optimization.

Website external SEO optimization

Also called backlinks network development. A unique (and useful!) content promoting your products and/or services and having specific links to separate parts of a website is being created and spread. This increases the authority of a website.