INTELLMEDIA SOLUTIONS - a wide range of IT and marketing services for your BUSINESS.

We are IT experts and online marketing specialists. Many years of experience and intelectual digital media solutions have helped the majority of our clients to achieve great results in their business.

Intellmedia team offers the following services

Our insight and recommended solutions help to create a better image of your business, gain popularity and attract more clients!

Strategies and planning

We are a professional partner that acquaints you with marketing trends and technological novelties. After a thorough analysis of the competitive environment, we help to choose the best IT solution and marketing strategy

  • Online branding strategy
  • Marketing insights and customer attraction
  • Creation of concepts and prototypes
  • IT planning
  • Studies of e-business and options for installing information systems

Website development

Website development has long been not only a technical work. A modern website requires market analysis, SEO optimization, expertise in consumer behavior and also online marketing knowledge and insights.

  • Preparation of strategies and concepts
  • Content architecture and planning
  • Adaptation for mobile devices
  • Website updates and development
  • Website adaptation for local and international markets

SEO optimization

The main purpose of SEO optimization is to grant top positions on search engines. In order to perform a high-quality SEO optimization, a wide array of knowledge and skills is required. It is a long and responsible process which in turn is very effective and quickly rewarding.

  • Online market studies
  • SEO audit of an existing website
  • Website internal SEO optimization
  • Website external SEO optimization
  • SEO position monitoring

Online marketing

After analysing your business goals, we come up with marketing strategies, choose optimal solutions and take care of their succesful implementation. We strive to find and interest your target audience, guarantee their engagement. Image, brand popularity, communication – all of this has to be done judiciously, responsively and professionally.

  • Content creation and online strategies
  • Social media strategies and marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • E-mail and SMS marketing
  • Viral and word of mouth marketing

Analysis and monitoring

We help to understand and assess your website‘s users flows and consumer behavior. We create and analyze attendance reports. We help to find out how many people visit your website, where they come from, what their main interests are.

  • Real-time reports
  • Custom reports
  • We separate and analyze user segments
  • Consumer behavior insights and promotion
  • A/B testing

Cloud services

We design, install and manage IT infrastructure that supports your systems and websites. We guarantee the highest level of security and accesibility. Professional and higly-experienced system administrators offer all services required for your business.

  • Website hosting
  • E-mail services
  • Individual (dedicated) servers
  • Virtually dedicated servers
  • Cloud computing solutions

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